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About LIGHTer PhD Network

The LIGHTer PhD Network is unique. Through the network, PhD-students early establish and keep contact with others in the same situation with similar interests. The network is in close collaboration with both LIGHTer Academy and the industry, which gives exceptional access to interdisciplinary competencies.

LIGHTer PhD Network organises recurring seminars, meetings and technical forums for discussion. The network contributes with a coordinated offer of relevant PhD courses, as well as offer on course about lightweight on their own.

The network is open for all PhD students working with relevant lightweight research, as long as they are registered at a Swedish university. Currently there are approximately 50 registered students in the network. The full list of members in the network as well as their contact information is available below.

The network was established/created in 2014, and the first PhD students have now becom alumni. The host of the LIGHTer PhD Network is Luleå Technical University, which is responsible for the operation and development together with Chalmers University of Technology and the Royal Insititute of Technology. 


The LIGHTer PhD Network basic course, “LIGTHER – Lightweight materials and design” (6hp), had its second course theme on December 4-5 at Saab AB in Linköping. Theoretical lectures on composite materials were given on the first day by Dan Zenkert (KTH) and Per Hallander (Saab). On the second day we all were given an overview from Per-Olof Marklund on what Saab is doing as a company and how different career paths are provided by Saab. We were then given some more detailed insights into how composites are manufactured by Per Hallander and Mikael Petersson. This was followed by a visit to the composites manufacturing workshop at Saab were could see everything “in real life”.

The next course theme will be given at DIAB AB in Laholm on February 12-13.




LIGHTer PhD network workshop on ”presentation techniques” was held on the 20th November in Stockholm, given by experts from Elevate Scientific. 30 PhD students from LIGHTer PhD network and researchers from LIGHTer Academy registered and attended this one-day workshop, which contained Story building; Design, and Delivery. All attendees got the chance to exercise all these aspects on their own presentations, and finally presented in the very concise Pechakucha style. Everyone brought home with them insights on the systematic methodology, many new ideas, and useful tips on scientific presentation. 



Examination of the Basic Course 2017-2018

LIGHTer PhD network basic course 2017-2018 examination was held on the 19th November in Stockholm. 11 PhD students took the examination, presenting their research results, in particular relating their research with LIGHTer Agenda, sharing their ideas about how their research can better contribute to lightweight. The students took the good opportunity of the event and the dinner afterwards to further exchange ideas.


LIGTHer PhD Network basic course 2018-2019 started

The LIGHTer PhD Network basic course, “LIGTHER – Lightweight materials and design” (6hp), started with the first course theme on Materials Selection on the 30th and 31st of October 2018 in Gothenburg. Twelve new graduate students within LIGHTer PhD network joined the course. Dr. Fredrik Stig, vice director of LIGHTer Program, gave a comprehensive overview on this strategic innovation program. Theoretical lectures was given by Prof. Lars Nyborg from Chalmers. A series of seminars were given by industry experts from Volvo Car Corporation, Andreas Carlsson, Richard Johansson, Fredrik Edgren, and Torbjörn Larsson. It was finished with an exhibition tour at the Brand Experience Centre of Volvo Car Corporation. Associate Professor Fang Liu from Chalmers and Dr. Harald Hasselblad from Volvo Car Corporation coordinated this course theme.


The PhD student Wilhelm Johannisson has written a popular science article about structural batteries. The popular science article can be found as a pdf below (in Swedish), whereas the full scientific paper* is available at:

*Authors: Wilhelm Johannisson, Niklas Ihrner, Dan Zenkert, Mats Johansson, David Carlstedt, Leif Asp & Fabian Sieland


The international LIGHTer PhD network workshop took place at Fraunhofer IWS Dresden in Germany within Additive Manufacturing on the 4th of October 2018. The workshop included presentations on the process chain of AM, lab tour and hands on tests finalized with a workshop dinner on the evening. The workshop was open to the LIGHTer PhD network and LIGHTer Academy but also allowed external participants to join. 


12-13 February

The PhD course “LIGTHER – Lightweight materials and design” (6hp) continues within LIGHTer PhD network. The third course theme on Composite materials and sandwich will be performed in Laholm, 12-13th of February. Theoretical lectures will be given by Prof. Dan Zenkert at KTH in combination with an industry seminar and study visit at DIAB Laholm. 

Find more information about the general PhD course in lightweight below.

Past Events

30-31 October

The PhD course “LIGTHER – Lightweight materials and design” (6hp) starts up with new graduate students within LIGHTer PhD network. The first course theme on Materials Selection will be performed in Gothenburg, 30-31st of October. Theoretical lectures will be given by Prof. Lars Nyborg at Chalmers in combination with an industry seminar and study visit at Volvo Car Corporation.

Find more information about the general PhD course in lightweight technologies below. 

19 November

The technical PhD project presentations and course examination seminar is a one day event on the 19th November in close connection to the LIGHTer workshop in Stockholm. The annual LIGHTer PhD network course examination in LIGHTER – Lightweight materials and design (6 hp) are open to the public with interests in lightweight technologies.
Find the examination program and additional information here.

20 November

The annual LIGHTer PhD network workshop will this time be performed on the theme “Story to stage: Effective presentation techniques for scientists” focusing on presenting research results in lightweight technologies. The aim of the workshop is to provide researchers with knowledge and strategies to communicate effectively, orally and visually, their research to make a lasting impact on their audience.
The workshop will be held in Stockholm on the 20th November at 7A Centralen, by Dr. Dan Csontos, Dr. Nellie Linander and Cara Harrison at Elevate Scientific AB. The workshop starts at 09.30 and ends at 16.45.

Location: 7A Centralen, Norrtullsgatan 6, Stockholm.

4-5 December

The second course theme “Composite materials” in the LIGHTer - Lightweight materials and design course (6hp) will take place in Linköping. Theoretical lectures will be given by Prof. Dan Zenkert and Malin Åkermo from KTH in combination with an industry seminar and study visit at SAAB.
Find more information about the general PhD course in lightweight technologies here. 

Participants in the operation and development of PhD Network, together with industry contacts participating in the general course in lightweight technology are presented below.



Dan Zenkert

Lättviktsstrukturer, KTH

The application process

In order to qualify for the network, you as a student must perform research on aspects relevant to the Swedish Lightweight Agenda published by LIGHTer. The agenda is available online. Please note that it in the application process is specifically asked for a motivation of how your research is relevant to the lightweight agenda. Please note that motivation will be used in the selection process of candidates. 
In order to apply, please use the dedicated application form below.


LIGHTer - Lightweight materials and design, 6hp

Fundamental course in lightweight technologies

Damage and fracture in composites, 7,5 hp

Specific courses for LIGHTer PhD network

Johannes Främby

Chalmers university of technology, Department of Applied Mechanics, Div. Material and Computational Mechanics.

Ted Sjöberg

Luleå University of Technology, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics, Division of Mechanics of Solid Materials.

Wilhelm Johannisson

KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Lightweight Structures, Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering.



Alexey Vorobyev


Anton Bjurenstedt


Mohammadreza Zamani


Mostafa Payandeh


Per Mårtensson


Sanjay Sisodia


Stefan Golling


Ted Sjöberg