What is LIGHTer?

A Strategic Innovation Programme and a Member Programme

LIGHTer is the name of our lightweight arena that consists of two main parts: The Strategic Innovation Programme Lightweight (SIP) and the Member Programme 

SIP Lightweight 

In 2013, Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency gave us their trust in developing a Strategic Innovation Programme (SIP) within the lightweight field, with the motivation that lightweight is one of Sweden's areas of strength. SIP Lightweight is a long term investment that us built in our Lightweight Agenda, and is financed through different public means from Vinnova. All our open events such as workshops and seminars are financed by the means LIGHTer recieve within the frame of SIP Lightweight.

Member Programme

The Member Programme is that part of LIGHTer where companies and organisations pay for a membership (either in the form of inkind, or in cash). The membership means that one becomes eligible for the board of the Member Programme, receive free access to industry courses and may apply for our exclusive member fund.


One name

SIP Lightweight and the Member Programme together form a whole in the Swedish lightweight landscape, and the activities and projects we organise contribute to - and develop - strategic innovation concerning lightweight. Through our organisation, we create and develop opportunities for networking and exchange of ideas - aspects that are determinant for Swedish lightweight innovation.

LIGHTer's International Strategy

During 2017, we developed a strategy for LIGHTer's international activities. The purpose of creating an international strategy for LIGHTer is to provide a direction and prioritise the various international activities that fall within the scope of SIP Lightweight. It also serves as a tool for conducting international activities that will enable us to achieve the impact goals prioritised in the roadmap. The international strategy is an integral part of LIGHTer’s strategy.


SIP Lightweight

SIP Lightweight LIGHTer has gotten the trust to develop a strategic innovation programme (SIP) within the lightweight area. During spring 2013, Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Formas approved the first...

Membership Programme

LIGHTer Membership Programme As a member of LIGHTer's network, you are able to enjoy benefits such as free or discounted LIGHTer courses, the possibility to influence the Lightweight Agenda and...