SIP Lightweight

SIP Lightweight

LIGHTer has gotten the trust to develop a strategic innovation programme (SIP) within the lightweight area. During spring 2013, Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Formas approved the first five strategic areas of innovation, where one of them is lightweight. The other areas are Production, Metallic materials, Mining and material extraction, and IT and Automation. All in all, 16 programmes have been accepted. The reason is that lightweight is one of Sweden's areas of expertise.

Strategic innovation programme Lightweight started in October 2013 and is a longterm investment built on the Strategic research and innovation agenda on lightweight. Stage 1 went on between 2013-2016. Stage 2 reaches between 2017-2019. 

The tasks of the Strategic innovation programme include

  • Realising the lightweight agenda by carrying out activities, strategic investments and calls
  • Be a hub for technical and competence development within lightweight. Every month we publish our newsletter LIGHTer News where we provide information about what goes on in the lightweight area. On our website we advertise projects, courses, news and networks. 
  • Tell Success stories from our projects 
  • Provide continuous calls in line with the lightweight agenda

The Swedish government's strategic innovation investment

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