Membership Programme

LIGHTer Membership Programme

As a member of LIGHTer's network, you are able to enjoy benefits such as free or discounted LIGHTer courses, the possibility to influence the Lightweight Agenda and LIGHTer's strategic work. You also become eligible to be elected as a board member and get full access to LIGHTer's network and member projects.

In order to become a member of LIGHTer, your enterprise must have a Swedish corporate registration number.

LIGHTer International Network Member

As an International Network Member, you receive invitations to LIGHTer's International Conference and LIGHTer News International (four times per year). We also publish your logo on our website and give you access to information about our Lightweight Agenda.



Möjligheten att söka finansiering som medlem Att få finansiering för att genomföra ett medlemsprojekt är en av de förmåner du som medlem har. Nedan ser du vad som krävs för att ansöka, och hur mycket...

Prototyp- och processcheckar

Kort om prototyp- och processcheckar Syftet med LIGHTer prototyp- och processcheckar är att styra kortare utvecklingsinsatser till SMF utan omfattande administration. Prototyp- och processcheckarna...

Active membership enterprises

Altair Engineering AB
Develop and implement software simulation that enable users to design innovative, light and more sustainable products.
Develop 3D weaving techniques for composite structures. 
University of Tehnology. Focusing on materials, both metal and composites. 

DIAB International AB / CCG 
Sell and develop structural materials and engineering solutions in composite sandwich.

Arrangers of business and technical platforms where companies and organisations gather and demonstrate their latest technology. Elmia attracts 30 000 visitors from 30 countries every year. 
FKG (Fordonskomponentgruppen)
Trade organisation for Scandinavias suppliers in the automative industry. Has over 350 member. 

Developers, manufacturers and marketers of production equipment such as lightweight fixtures. 

Gestamp HardTech 
Manufacture light components for the automative industry, mainly by using press hardening techniques. 

GKN Aerospace
Develop and manufacture aircraft engines. 
Höganäs AB
Develop metallic powders and forming methods for various components. 
Högskolan i Borås
Technical University
Högskolan i Halmstad
Technical University

Högskolan i Skövde
Technical University focusing on production and sizing. 

Högskolan Väst

Innovatum och Produktionstekniskt centrum
Tech park aiming to generate industry driven projects.

JU Jönköping University

KTH Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
Technical University
SME business - develop and manufacture Hybrix materials.
Lightness by design
Consuntalcy company focusing on simulation of product development, design evaluation and optimization of constructions. 

Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Technical University 

LTH Lunds Tekniska Högskola
Technical University

Industry association for plastic and composite. Focusing on competence development and seminars. 

Reliefed AB
Environmental tech business. Licencing dynamic 3D extrusion for aluminium.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Research institute

Developers and manufacturers of products, services and solutions for military defence to civil security. 
Scania CV
Manufacture and develop trucks and busses. 

Steel production and processing services. 
Swedish Waterjet Lab
A platform for cooperational projects. 

Swerea AB
Industry research institute
Swerea IVF
Industry research institute

Swerea KIMAB
Industry research institute
Swerea MEFOS
Industry research institute
Industry research institute - Composites
Industry research institute - Foundry technology

Triple Steelix/Jernkontoret
Volvo Cars
Manufacture and develop cars.

AB Volvo

Wematter AB
Develop and manufacture SLS 3D printers. 
Örebro Universitet

Basic membership enterprises

Andrénplast AB
Manufacture vacuum formed plastic details and thermoplastic systems. 

AP&T Sweden AB
Manufacture equipment to shape thin sheet metal. 

Autokaross i Floby 
Develop, produce and sell standardised superstructures and accessories for light trucks. 

Bröderna Bourghardt
Manufacturers of composite laminate epoxy prepreg and foam core.

Bulten AB
Manufacture and sell metallic fasteners for the automotive industry. 

CAE Value
Consulting and software sales business. 

Case 5 AB
Structural mechanic calculations and simulation on consultancy basis. 

C Lindhe Xtend AB
Develop and sell user friendly and flexible prostheses and accessories. 

Devex Mekatronik 
Strategic resouce in developmentally intensive projects. 

DYNAmore Nordic 
Software supplier   


Envirotainer Engineering
Develop and manufacture special containers. 

ESI Scandinavia
Software supplier 

Essve Tech
Fastener supplier

Examec Group
Manufacturer of advanced machines and machine accessories. 

Exova Materials Technology
Testing, advicing and education within material and production techniques. 

FS Dynamics Sweden   

Gleitmo Technik AB
Production and service trade focusing on special lubricants and adhesives in the Swedish and Norwegian industry. 

Husqvarna AB
Develop and manufacture products for forestry and gardening.

Innolite Design AB
Sell and develop bicycle components. 

Ionbond Sweden AB
Sell and develop advanced coatings for tools and components. 

Kenpo Sandwich AB

Ljungby Komposit AB
Manufacture products made of composites. 

Macromould Modell & Form

Marstrom Composite AB
Manufacturing and development of composite products. 

Midnight Composites AB
Subcontracting of composite products. 

Modul-System HH AB
Develop, produce and sell equipment for service vehicles.  

Nordic aircraft 
Aitcraft manufacturing and development. 

Production, development and selling of carbon fiber reinforcements. 

QuesTek Europe AB
Offer modeling services, design and development of various materials. 

Plastic vacuum forming.

Sapa technology
Aluminium profile supplier. 

Develop floating wind power. 

SwedFoam Development AB
Develop, manucfacture and sell technical plastic moldings for the automative and engineering industry.

Winfoor AB
Develop new rotorblade techniques for wind turbines.