Membership Programme

LIGHTer Membership Programme

As a member of LIGHTer's network, you are able to enjoy benefits such as free or discounted LIGHTer courses, the possibility to influence the Lightweight Agenda and LIGHTer's strategic work. You also become eligible to be elected as a board member and get full access to LIGHTer's network and member projects.

In order to become a member of LIGHTer, your enterprise must have a Swedish corporate registration number.

LIGHTer International Network Member

As an International Network Member, you receive invitations to LIGHTer's International Conference and LIGHTer News International (four times per year). We also publish your logo on our website and give you access to information about our Lightweight Agenda.

Membership benefits

  • Make study visits to our member organisations in connection to our network meetings. 
  • Free access to our online courses and discounts on classroom courses. 
  • Propose, participate and take advantage of our strategic investments.
  • Apply for member checks for all profit-making organisations with less than 250 anställda. 
  • Participate in strategy discussions concerning the goals of our Lightweight Agenda. 
  • Participate and vote at the Annual Meetings of LIGHTer Membership Programme and SIP Lightweight. 
  • Discounts on certain lightweight conferences and courses. 

"We are a small country, and we can see that large investments are made internationally, and we must use all our means very effectively outside Sweden's borders, and LIGHTer is one way of doing so."
- Malin Åkermo, Professor at Farkost och flyg, KTH


"We really benefited from LIGHTer's member call. We even received a call from another member organisation which we are now helping in meeting their challenges"
- Jessika Boström, Lindhe Xtend AB