Lightweight Agenda

Lightweight lifts Swedish competetiveness - for a more sustainable world

Our strategic research and innovation agenda for lightweight

To contribute to and develop innovation within lightweight, a strategy is needed. That is why LIGHTer and SIP Lightweight is run by our strategic research and innovation agenda. The agenda's starting point is in the actual needs that has been expressed by various industries. By using the agenda, we hope to link, but also define projects and areas of research so that we work with focus towards our goals. 

The agenda is available below. 
Please contact us to order a printed copy of the agenda. 

Prior to the preparation of the agenda, an analysis of the lightweight area was made. You will find it below. 



  • Bridging the gap between strategic research and the industry’s development
  • Strengthening the whole value chain — from global industries to SMEs
  • Taking a holistic approach to test and demo facilities
  • 50% lighter with lower costs
  • 50% lighter with shorter development times 
  • 50% lighter using mixed materials
  • 50% lighter through improved properties & innovative solutions
  • Strategic research
  • Industry-based development projects
  • Test and demonstration facilities 
  • Exchange between small and large companies for growth
  • Competence development and expertise chains
  • Regional, national & international coordination
  • Management and financing structure

The previous agenda

The current agenda is an updated version of its first issue that was published in 2013. You can find it in English below.