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SME Aerospace- new call!

Deadline for applications: October 26 (preliminarily)


As you might already know there will be a new call for SMF Flyg (SME Aerospace) during this fall. The tentative deadline in Oct 26. This is rather tight, but Vinnova wants the decisions to be made within 2018. We are looking at the call timeline right now, so depending it may be postponed a bit, but I’ll will let you know if this happens. 

For you who do not know about SMF Flyg it finances projects that supports small and medium companies that want to be suppliers to aerospace. The project are run in two levels:

Level 1 – Vinnova gives 125 kSEK as a contribution without any demands on co-financing. 25 kSEK of these has to be allocated to the SME. 
Level 2 – Up to 325 kSEK in contribution from Vinnova and a 50% co-financing has to be made by industry (i.e., the largest total project is 650 kSEK). 

The projects can be up to 6 months and earliest start is January 2019. The program description and the template for applying is attached. The application is sent to me before the deadline. Note that a company only can be granted one level 1 project and one level 2 project. 

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