Day 1

Session A 
50 % lighter with lower costs
This session focuses on how lower costs contribute to more lightweight solutions. Examples of materials development, design and manufacturing as well as how digitalization can lead to new business models and new business logic based on lightweight perspective, will be presented.    

Session B
50 % lighter with shorter development times
This session focuses on innovative design methodologies and strategies for shortened design time of lightweight components. Examples of activities covered by the session are ranging from concrete success stories, enhanced use of improved numeric simulation methodologies and materials modelling. 

Day 2

Session C
50 % lighter using mixed materials
This session focuses on achieving optimal performance by combining different materials in lightweight components. Key challenges are efficient and reliable joining without losing product properties, possibilities to predict product properties by simulation and calculations as well as strategies for circular manufacturing.

Session D
50 % lighter using improved properties and innovative solutions
This session focuses on lightweight innovations and related research activities that provide substantial weight reductions on the systems level. Such innovations and research activities may comprise e.g. multifunctional lightweight materials, integrated structural designs and novel hybrid material concepts, e.g. composites that yield.