Session A. High volume production of advanced composite structures

The challenge for many sectors such as aircraft and transportation is the demand for high volume production of advanced composite structures. Automated production methods with short cycle times are key instruments on a market with requirements on high quality and competitive price level.

The focus of the session is to present the main challenges and current development trends for high volume production in sectors with different demands and aspects.

Session B. Advanced metallic materials for lightweight structures

The session will present recent trends in the development and use of
advanced metallic materials. The focus will be on practical solutions and new  
approaches regarding how metallic materials can be used  to produce high performance lightweight structures.

Session C. Risk analysis – opportunity for material lightweight innovation and reduced time to market?

The use of risk analysis to achieve safety permeates our whole society, affecting the formation of both technical and societal development. All sectors today have a risk-based approach in different levels of operations and risk-based thinking has become the norm in many industries. A foundational purpose is to lift up safety as an important part of decision-making. By the possibility to demonstrate safety, the risk analysis is also a conceptual key instrument in the innovation process. However, a crucial question is whether the use of risk analysis in practice aggravates or pushes innovation forward?

Risk-based decision-making processes can be time consuming, often because of uncertainty in the data and analysis. Time is an important factor in the innovation process and another question is therefore whether the risk-based approach can be developed to open up for innovations and reduce their “time to market”.

Session D. Lightweight design by multi-material solutions

Lightweight designs by multi-material solutions play a crucial role for increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact in future design. The ability to use the right material in the right place without losing weight potential of the joints is an important innovation theme for weight reduction.

The session will address challenges and development trends in forming and joining of multi-material lightweight design.