Stor framgång för LIGHTer medlem - Flexprop 2015-12-22

Press release

Audi and FlexProp have signed a framework agreement for supplying and development of Lightweight Production Technology (LWPT) made of carbon fiber composites for the duration of three years.

All employees at FlexProp are of course very proud and glad that FlexProp has been recognized as the most competitive supplier of LWPT by Audi, says Karl-Otto Strömberg CEO at FlexProp. Audi has been one of our most appreciated customers for many years and this agreement sets a framework to further develop this cooperation. Audi and FlexProp share the same vison to improve productivity and flexibility in production as well as reducing the environmental foot print by introducing LWPT. Eight years ago Audi recognized LWPT to have a significant potential and now LWPT is standard for certain segments of the production lines within Volkswagen AG worldwide. The framework agreement will have positive impact on turn over but most important; –It will set the framework for further development with Audi/Volkswagen AG and  have a positive effect on the implementation of LWPT in the automotive industry as such. Conclude Karl-Otto Strömberg.

//Karl-Otto Strömberg

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