30 jan: E-LASS seminar in Borås Äger rum: 2018-01-30 2018-01-30

The European network for lightweight applications at sea (E-LASS) gathers stakeholders interested in lightweight design for the maritime industry. The aim is to create an organization where exchange of information and knowledge becomes easy and natural. E-LASS has over 300 members from 25 different nations and meet twice a year for E-LASS events, generally including an industry tour day as well as a seminar day. The next event is an additional/intersessional event and only includes a seminar day – it is organized in Borås the 30 Jan 2018 together with the research project RAMSSES (www.ramsses-project.eu). To attend E-LASS events you need to be a member of the E-LASS network. Membership is free and you register for the network and for events at www.e-lass.eu, where you can also find the agenda for the coming event.